New Student Information

Before you arrive for the International Pathway Program, you might have some questions about what it is like to live and study in Texas.

Start Smart before you arrive

Are you ready to join us on the International Pathway Program? To help you prepare for your study abroad adventure, we’ve designed a free 1-2 week introductory course to help you adapt to studying with us. Through Start Smart, we’ll introduce you to the skills you’ll need as an international student so you begin university with confidence.

Confirm your offer with us today and secure a place on Start Smart by paying a confirmation payment. Once you’ve confirmed your place, you’ll:

  • Meet and interact with our staff before you arrive
  • Meet your future classmates and become a part of a supportive international community
  • Join interactive sessions
  • Develop transferable study skills as you learn on your own schedule
  • Take part in interactive one-to-one and group discussions
  • Practice speaking in English and get feedback from your tutors
  • Gain a certificate of completion before joining your program.

Your First Week

During your first week on the International Pathway Program, you will be introduced to the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus and its facilities. We organize events and activities during your first week to help you meet other international students, and learn more about your new home.

What should I bring?

Before you arrive in the USA you need to be sure you have everything you need. Some things you will need for your arrival to the USA include:

  • Passport and visa
  • Your offer letter
  • English Language Test result
  • Evidence of funding for your tuition fees and living costs
  • Accommodation documents, including your signed tenancy agreement
  • Insurance documents

We also recommend bringing comfortable clothing, laptop computer and charger, mobile phone and charger, at least one adaptor plug, and a few study supplies. This is not a complete list. You will be able to easily find anything else you need in Corpus Christi.

Join us online

Gain the skills to succeed on your student journey with a place on our free Start Smart course.

Live the Island Life

Located between Oso Bay and Corpus Christi Bay, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi is the nation's only island university.

Your Questions Answered

Will I be able to find the food I like?

There are a number of international and ethnic restaurants and markets in Corpus Christi, so you will be able to easily find the food you love, while also trying new things. There are even international food festivals in Corpus Christi throughout the year.

How will I meet people and make friends?

To help you settle in to your new life studying abroad, we will organize events to help you meet your classmates and build new friendship. There are also lots of clubs on campus you can join to meet students with similar interests. It won’t take you long to adjust to your life here and make new friends.

What's it like to live in the USA?

We know that moving to a different country to study is exciting, but it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous too. We will do all we can to help you settle in to living in the USA. To get an insight into what you can expect, visit EducationUSA.

We’ll get you to where you want to be – Read our latest guidance for current students, or find out more about online learning.