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Admission Requirements

To apply to study in the International Pathway Program, you will need to meet a minimum level of English language proficiency and specific academic requirements.

International Year

Entry to study the International Year (IY) is based on meeting specific academic and English language requirements. For the International Pathway Program you will need to meet a lower level of entry requirements than you would for direct admission to the University. This will provide you with the opportunity to improve your English language proficiency and academic skills before beginning your university degree.

The length of your International Year program depends on your level of English language proficiency.

IY 4-semester (1-Semester IEP + IY 3 Semesters)2.045 overall4.5 overall
IY 3-semester2.050 overall5.0 overall
IY 2-semester2.060 overall5.5 overall
IY 1-semester2.073 overall6.0 overall

2023 Admissions Waivers

GRE is not required for the Computer Science MS degree program. (Through Fall 2023)

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International Year

Prepare to enter the second year of your undergraduate degree.

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Pre-Master's Program

For entry to study the Pre-Master's Program you also will need to meet specific academic and English language requirements. Admission requirements for the Pre-Master's Program are lower than those needed for direct admission to the University, meaning you can begin your journey to higher education while developing your English language skills, academic skills, and career skills.

Academic Requirements

Applicants for the Pre-Master's Program must be able to provide proof of successful completion of a US secondary education or equivalent. The minimum GPA required will vary depending on your chosen master's degree:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science - 2.5 GPA will be considered with strong math and science scores preferred

The length of your Pre-Master's Program program depends on your level of English language proficiency.

Pre-Master's Program (2 Semesters)2.560 overall5.5 overall
Pre-Master's Program (1 Semester)2.573 overall6.0 overall

Direct Entry

You may be eligible for direct entry to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, depending on your English language level. You must meet the standard entry requirements for the University, including providing SAT or ACT scores, and holding a minimum TOEFL or IELTS score if applicable.

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Direct Admission - Undergraduate2.073 overall6.0 overall
Direct Admission - Graduate3.073 overall6.0 overall

Additional English tests accepted. Inquire for more information.

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Pre-Master's Program

Prepare for entry to your graduate degree.

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