Aerial view of campus

Arriving on campus

Before your arrival on campus, you will need to consider a range of things, such as organizing your visa and researching living options, ahead of your arrival in Texas. Our staff will be here to offer students support and guidance through this process.

Your Next Steps

After you obtain your visa, there are a few things you will need to do to prepare for your arrival at university. These include:

  • Emailing our ISC Director, Allison Foster, when you obtain your visa.
  • Securing a place in university housing. For more details, see our accommodation page.
  • Asking your doctor to complete your Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination form (for students 21 years old or younger).
  • Filling in the Flight Arrival Form and returning it via email. You should do this as soon as your travel plans are confirmed and at least two weeks before your program start date.
  • Submitting your academic documents (transcripts). Please note that on or before arrival, transcripts that have been certified and stamped by the appropriate authority at the issuing institution must be submitted to the university in their original sealed envelope. If the envelope has been previously opened, the documents are no longer considered official and will not be accepted. Original completion certificates (degree or secondary school test results) must also be presented to the university on or before arrival.
  • Gathering your immunization records, original secondary academic transcripts, original high school leaving examination results or diploma, any previous college transcripts, official English versions of all documents, and payment receipts, which you will need to bring with you to orientation upon your arrival.
  • Paying your tuition and fees according to your invoice.

Please remember to use your official name (i.e. the name on your passport) on all forms and correspondence with the International Study Center.

Guidance and Support

If you have any further questions about your future transition to campus, our staff are on hand to offer any guidance or help for new international students. Additionally, if you are planning to start your studies with us in the Fall, check out our list of key information you might need to help you prepare for your university education at TAMU-CC.