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Why the International Pathway Program?

The International Pathway Program is based on Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's safe and modern campus. We will help you prepare for your university degree, with specialized programs designed to support international students.

Discover Your Future

While studying the International Pathway Program you will be part of the Islander community from the day you arrive. With the support of our expert staff, you will quickly adjust to living and learning abroad.

Our programs will help you develop your academic and English language skills while you learn more about the subjects that interest you, discover your passion, and work to achieve your goals.

What is the International Pathway Program?

The International Pathway Program provides courses specially designed to prepare international students for university study in the USA. Our International Year and Pre-Master's Program will prepare you for degree study at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. You will focus on developing your English language, university-level study skills, while taking academic courses relating to your future degree.

University Preparation

From your very first day on campus you will be part of the student community. You will study and learn on campus, and have full access to University facilities such as the library and sports facilities.

During your classes on the International Pathway Program you will experience university-style teaching so you are fully prepared to progress to your degree. Our dedicated faculty will support you every step of the way, and encourage you to become an active member of the community.

Here to help you

Tran from Vietnam

"My favorite thing about studying here is everything is available for you. You just bring yourself; if you miss something, everybody is there to help you. Professors, your friends, your advisor and everybody around you, they are just so friendly and so helpful with you."

Tran from Vietnam studied Business Management, MBA

Become a Global Citizen

As soon as you arrive you will study and live alongside other international students. You will have the unique opportunity to meet people from around the world, learn new cultures, and develop lasting friendships.

Your Career Starts Here

We know your career ambitions are an important part of your studies. That's why we focus on helping you develop your employability. Throughout your program we offer an integrated career service, ensuring that you are prepared for your future career.

Develop Your Employability

During your studies in the International Pathway Program we will work with you to develop your employability and widen your career prospects.

Start Career Development