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Gain Skills for Career Success

Develop your career potential while studying to become an expert in your field. Learn practical skills, and take the opportunities to put your knowledge into practice.

Focus on Your Career

Your career development and future success is important to us.

Develop Your Employability

During your International Year or Pre-Master's Program, we will help you to develop the key skills needed to stand out in the job market. Activities are designed to help you develop the skills employers are looking for, such as leadership and organization.

Support for University

Once you progress to your chosen degree, we will work with the University's Career Office on campus to make sure you continue career-focused learning, with the opportunities to participate in research and develop your practical skills.

Explore Career Opportunities

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Your Future First

When you progress to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, your future will continue to be an important focus. That is why you will gain practical skills during your studies, and be exposed to professional working experience with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and research organizations. We also provide career services to help guide you through your university career and prepare you for your future.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling services can help you define your career path. With the help of a Career Counselor, you will prepare for entering the job market with job search skills, resume writing, and job readiness. After graduating, you will continue to have access to this service as an alumni.

On-campus Employment

Students at the University may have the opportunity to apply for a job on campus. An on-campus job allows you to freedom to continue your studies while earning a salary and applying your knowledge. You will receive valuable experience, working closely with faculty and building professional contacts. Opportunities on campus are diverse, ranging from data entry operators to teaching assistants and laboratory research assistants.


The Small Business Internship Program provides the opportunity for you to gain industry experience while working for a local company. The University works closely with the businesses in the program to ensure you receive the best experience.

Sandeep from India

"I never expected that I would get a job and I would get such good experience here. I’m working as a graduate assistant in the library technology services. My job is really good, so I feel very happy being a graduate assistant. I’ve got to know what I need to do to improve myself. The job I’m doing and the studies are related. It prepares you for the real world."

Sandeep from India studied Computer Science, MS